Let yoga take you

to better health.

Let yoga take you to a better place.

       Let yoga take you to

       The Yoga Place

       Lake Geneva

The Yoga Place

is celebrating its 25th year! Classes are held in our clean, bright, cheery and private studio. It is located on Highway 50 in Lake Geneva. Free parking is provided in front of the building, with additional free parking one block north. The pleasant atmosphere of the studio provides a safe and comfortable environment to enhance your total Yoga experience.

Yoga is

a pathway to a more holistic way of life. It is an ancient art, science and philosophy that has been developing over thousands of years. The word Yoga means “union,” or integration of your body, mind and spirit. It consists in part, of physical postures or poses, which release stress from the body, while giving strength, flexibility and stamina. The breathing techniques calm the nerves and clear the mind. Relaxation enhances the body’s innate ability to rejuvenate and heal itself. Muscles are strengthened and flexibility is maintained or enhanced. As relaxation occurs, the stresses of everyday life recede. With regular practice, people often feel more in touch with their bodies, and more in charge of their lives.

In short, Yoga is a powerful tool that will assist you in living a healthier, more balanced and relaxed life. People leave class feeling refreshed and energized!

Yoga is not….

merely an exercise program, nor does it have to be competitive.

Cherie Krey

Cherie is a certified Yoga instructor who has been teaching and practicing for over 30 years. She has studied Yoga in the US, Europe and India with leading Yoga masters, including B.K.S. Iyengar. She holds a BS in Medical Technology and has worked in health care for over 40 years which gives her a well rounded and knowledgeable approach to better health.

Cherie’s philosophy is to guide her students in a practice that brings more awareness of the body and develops an inner sense of well-being, with practical applications for everyday life.

Private groups welcome


Please wear clothing that you can move easily in and have the ability to layer. Long baggy pants are not recommended, but may be worn over other clothing during relaxation. Poses are done in bare feet or with socks and an empty stomach recommended. Props including mats are provided.

Let yoga take you to

The Yoga Place.

(262) 248-3202